Teacher Comments

"It was not only material presented in a very appropriate manner--it was also an experience that they will always remember. It was terrific!"
--Winslow Elementary School, Kindergarten, Winslow, Maine

"10! This program was excellent. It was informative, well organized & illustrated with great graphics."
--Wayne Elementary School, Wayne, Maine

"Super teaching method. He presents his program in an exciting, informative & humorous way. The students' enthusiasm is evident throughout his program. As an educator I appreciate such great teaching! Thank you."
--Marcia Buker School, Richmond, Maine

"The planetarium was so exciting for the children. They have been talking about it for days after. Wonderful experience! Come back again!"
--Lura Libby School, Thomaston, Maine

"This was the best visiting program presented in my 28 years of teaching."
--Martel School, Lewiston, Maine

"It's always amazing to see how many concepts kindergartners can learn from this one presentation. They are so involved--as one child said, 'It was the funnest thing I've ever done.' "--
Fairfield Primary School, Fairfield, Maine

"Outstanding interplay with students and still dissemination of current information. I learn more each year!"
--Longfellow School, Brunswick, Maine

"I especially thought the presenter knew how to work with children, when to stop and get quiet, when to proceed, terrific, wonderful, and very interesting."
--K. Nickerson School, Swanville, Maine

"I think it was super! Few of my children will ever visit a planetarium. This they will never forget."
--South School, Rockland, Maine

"Excellent! My students loved the different voices for the characters. They learned a lot."
--Sugg Middle School, Lisbon, Maine

"The presentation on 'volcanoes' was excellent! The students were very interested and reacted with amazement...Lots of learning took place--Great presentation!"
--West Bath School, West Bath, Maine

"You were so patient with the students. I would have sent some of them on a one-way trip to the Moon!!"
--Cornville Elementary School, Cornville, Maine

"Excellent! The storyteller made the stories come alive with varied voices and effects. Students were very interested and learned a lot!"
--Fairview School, Auburn, Maine

" ' The Sky Tonight' blended story with fact about the solar system, constellations, and stars into a wonderful presentation. . . . the presenter asked questions to the students about their knowledge of the solar system; he really included them in the program. The storytelling skills of the presenter was another asset to this program. My students really got a lot out of 'The Sky Tonight' "
--Albert S. Hall School, Waterville, Maine

"I thank you for all you're doing. I think the idea of a 'traveling' planetarium is excellent! Your work is to be commended."
--Central Maine Homeschooler

"He [Mr. Meader] did a wonderful job adjusting to individual needs and checking understanding as he went along. Delightful!"
--Mallet School, Farmington, Maine

"Mr. Meader was both thorough and clear in his presentation of the material. He is great with kids! What a wonderful opportunity to explore our solar system with a powerful tool."
--James Bean School, Sydney, Maine

"10! He really does a professional and superb presentation."
--Sugg Middle School, Lisbon, Maine

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