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Star Charts:

Fall Star Chart (192K)

Spring Star Chart (196K)

Winter Star Chart (200K)

Summer Star Chart (196K)

Helping the Apprehensive Child
Occassionally you may have a child that is frightened of the planetarium or the dark. The following two .pdf files may help. Planetarium Magic is a story designed to help young children lose their fear of any planetarium; Planetarium Gallery is a specific photographic outline of what Northern Stars Planetarium is, how it works, and what to expect.

Planetarium Magic is a fictional story that follows a class that visits a traditional planetarium. One student is the son of the planetarium operator and has no fear, while there is another is quite scared. In the end, knowing what to expect helps all to have a great experience.

Planetarium Gallery, see photos of the planetarium setting up, the equipment, and what goes ont.

Astronomy and Space Science Show Guides:

Pictures in the Sky (Grades: Preschool-K) (548K) Updated! (11/1/12)

ABC's of the Sky (Grades: K-2) (439K) Updated! (11/1/12)

Our Family on the Sky (Grades: K-2) (284K) Updated! (11/1/12)

Our Place in Space (Grades: K-2) (496K) Updated! (11/1/12)

"Sandy, Pepper and the Eclipse" & "MoonWitch" (Grades: 2-4) (460K)

The Great Moon Adventure (Grades: 4-6) (416K)

The Wonderful Sky (Grades: 3-6) (300K) Updated (9/8/2008)

Exploring Our Solar System (Grades: 3-6) (256K) Updated! (11/1/12)

pdf file Earth--Our Place in the Cosmos (Grades 3-5) (2.6MB) New (11/29/12)

Mars Magic! (Grades: 3-7) (200K) Updated! (8/30/2005)

Stars (Grades: 5-8) (160K) Updated! (8/30/2005)

The Sky Tonight (Grades: 6-8) (168K) Updated! (11/1/12)

Ideas and Discoveries (Grades: 5-8) (384K)

Sky Maps (Grades 5-8) (238K) Updated! (8/25/2005)

Teacher's Guide for Evening Star Parties* (All Grades) (256K) Updated (11/4/10) *Not a planetarium show.

Story Telling Show Guides:

Star Stories (Grades: 1-2) (232K)

Native American Sky Legends (Grades: 3-6) (156K)

Heroes, Gods & Monsters (Grades: 5-8) (140K)

A World of Sky Stories (Grades: 3-6) (68K)

History and Social Studies Guides:

"Follow the Drinking Gourd" (Grades: 2-4) (384K)
This guide is temporarily unavailable while it is being updated for better historical accuracy.

Discovering Geography with Columbus (Grades: 3-6) (92K)
This Guide is Formatted for Legal Size Printing, but will scale down to standard size.

Earth Science Show Guides:

Earth, The Ocean Planet (Grades: 4-6) (164K) Updated! (8/30/2005)

Volcano! (Grades: 3-7) (308K) Updated! (8/8/2008)

Weather and the Seasons (Grades: 5-8) (116K)

Discovering Geography with Columbus (Grades: 3-6) (92K)
This Guide is Formatted for Legal Size Printing, but will scale down to standard size.

Life Science Show Guides:

The World of the Dinosaurs (Grades: 1-3) (760K)

Birds in the Planetarium (Grades: 3-5) (268K)

Biology of the Cell (Grades: 5-7) (400K)

Migration (Grades 5-8) (1.8 MB) Updated! (8/8/2008)

Guides to Discontinued Shows

While these shows are no longer available, some of these materials may still be useful.

Asteroids, Comets & Meteors (Grades: 3-8) (180K)

A Ride on the Space Shuttle (Grades: 3-5) (300K)

Listening to Space: Radio Astronomy (Grades: 4-8) (248K)

Telescopes: More Than Meets the Eye (Grades 4-7) (260K)

Voyager and Galileo: Explorations of the Outer Planets (Grades: 4-8) (256K)

Wonders of the Solar System (Grades 3-7) (252K)

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