Middle Atlantic Planetarium Society
History & Archives

MAPS History Data Base

As the society's historian and archivist I have been compiling a data base of information about the history of MAPS. This is an on-going pursuit, and I invite you to send any information or documents regarding MAPS history to me:

John T. Meader
Northern Stars Planetarium
Fairfield, ME 04937

The following two .pdf files are the present state of the data I've been collecting. Please peruse these two documents and feel free to send additions and corrections. All the information provided here has been gleaned from past issues of the Constellation, documents in the archives, and personal contacts from members. There are also fields that will let you know what documents we have in the archives. For example, you may see that we are missing certain issues of "The Constellation", if you have any of the missing issues we would love to have copies. I will update these documents as new information and documents become available.

MAPS History Data Base 1965-1985 (2.1 MB) Updated 12/12/2006

MAPS History Data Base 1986-2006 (4.2 MB) Updated 2/9/07


Do you recognize either of these pictures? Who? Where? When?

Who is this woman? Where was this photo taken?


 MAPS Oral History Project

In 1999 I began a project at the meeting in Lancaster, PA. That year I started interviewing MAPS members, collecting the history, stories and anecdotes of our organization. I interviewed Charlie Walker, Sam Storch, Tom Stec, Laura Deines (Meader), and Norm Dean. I am interested in interviewing more people. I enjoy the process and I coordinate this effor from my home in Maine. I don't travel our territory as much as I would like, so this is where you can get involved and help out.

Our membership is changing, aging, and evolving. There are a lot of stories that can be archived with your assistance. I encourage you to interview your colleagues, especially the ones nearing retirement or even those who have recently retired. This is not to say that younger members don't have interesting stories to add, anyone can become part of the archives.

What you will need to conduct an interview:

I hope to hear from some of you soon.

~John T. Meader, MAPS Historian/Archivist

Northern Stars Planetarium
15 Western Ave.
Fairfield, ME 04937
(207) 453-7668
Northern Stars Planetarium Home Page

The Middle Atlantic Planetarium Society Home Page


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